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    Together, We Can Add Value To Others

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    Different backgrounds, Experience and Religious states

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The enCOURAGEr is your platform to receive or to give encouragement wherever you are in life. We attract people of all walks of life but our heartbeat is for the younger people through interactions, events, mentoring, workshop and training.We aim to tap into every talent used or unused to bring out the best in people.
With our voices, experience and know-how, enCOURAGEr hope to reach out to the unprivileged and the privileged alike in our community through real people of COURAGE with passion to pass on their acquired knowledge to the next generation.


Our hope is to build "The enCOURAGEr Centre(s)" in the community(s) where we will be accessible to the people we care about. Also, this will allow us to equip and empower more valuable volunteers to go out there to their community and enCOURAGE their world with words and in works.
Together, we can add value to others and affect lives for good. Let's do this!

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